Roche Days

Total Lab Automation in 3D

A multidisciplinary project with 3D design at its heart, that was managed, crafted, and displayed by OH37 during the annual Roche Days Event.



Total Lab Automation in 3D


Roche Diagnostics Middle East

What We Did

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Image Creation, Layout, Information Design, Texturing, Material Design, Lighting, Rendering, Image Retouching, Production Management.

One of the most vital innovations in the healthcare industry has been lab automation, and our client, Roche Diagnostics, is at its forefront. A quote by the General Manger of Roche Diagnostics Middle East, Mr. Harald Wolf; on the occasion of the Roche Days 2016 Event;, summarizes this perfectly:

“Through our Roche Days, we were able to cascade the many benefits of laboratory automation in the industry and allow for cross-border collaboration to bring together the brightest minds in the region to discuss challenges and solutions. We live in a fast-paced period when technology continues to bring greater benefits for us. Roche Diagnostics leads the way in in-vitro diagnostics in terms of research and innovation to provide the broadest range of laboratory solutions which dramatically improve turnaround time for tests and results, provide efficiency, quality and safety”.

Attendees during the annual Roche Days event were invited to view and examine the posters, which was almost like a tour of the different labs implementing the TLA systems. The physical space, vital operational information and the versatility of the system where highlighted to the attendees.

41 Labs, 41 Variants.

Isometric creations and graphic disruptions brought the posters to life by integrating data and technical information.

Starting with blueprints and a data table, we formulated a visual direction for the information, and our art directors set to work creating pristine, on-brand visuals. Our focus was on the posters’ primary function – instruments used to show the versatility of the TLA systems.

We wanted to bring to life the concept of simplicity, by transforming these complex systems into childlike toys, that can be arranged to the limits of the imagination.

Using an isometric grid as our starting point, we began to formulate a visual style that was playful, yet remained true to the medical nature of the brand. The models were treated with soft texturing and articulated lighting to transform medical machines into soft-edged, versatile toys. We wanted to give the viewers the feeling that the posters were windows that they could reach into and play with the models.

Isometric Design

The isometric design grid, used to to give the typography feeling of motion.

Render and Graphics

Each render was prepared and combined with the machine data, ensuring clear delivery of the technical information.

The Final Result

A spectacular final visual, that clearly relays the information, and highlights the versatility of each visual.

41 Labs, 41 variations

Creating a multiverse of laboratories

Designed and produced by OH37, we also designed and created the space to display the posters at the event. The result was an immensely successful project with extremely positive guest reception.

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