Project Overview:


Roche Diagnostics Arab Health Stand


Roche Diagnostics Middle East

What We Did

Stand Creative Concept, Creative Strategy, Stand Design, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Motion Graphics, Production Management, Script Writing, VO Recording, Entertainment and Talent Management, Event Management, Time-lapse Video and Editing, Photography, Videography, Print Production, Logistics Management and Operation.


The Roche Diagnostics Middle East stand at the 2016 Arab Health Exhibition (RDME Arab Health 2016) exemplifies how OH37 can incorporate a brand’s ideology into the DNA of an installation and meet, and exceed, its marketing objectives.

The Lab Section of the stand was used to exhibit the new cobas® machines, which are marketed under the banner of connectivity. To capture the essence of connectivity, we installed giant hanging LED screens that crisscrossed above the machines. They formed half a hexagon that merged with the control desks displaying the machines. This installation brought the technological characteristics of the cobas® machines to life and reinforced the integrity of the Roche brand. The screens displayed graphics that illustrated two key aspects of the brand and product: Microbiology and Advanced Interconnectivity.

The second major section of the RDME Arab Health 2016 stand was an experiential forest space. Tucked away behind a waterfall we constructed, we deployed a real forest with four interactive stations. The stations in the Forest Room formed a path the guests would walk through while listening to a narrative we created.

Each station represented a value that the brand wanted to convey to their guests. These are the values that form the foundations of Roche. Natural is authentic. Natural is true. Natural is harmonious. The journey through the forest informed visitors about Roche’s fundamental values while experiencing an environment that left them with a lasting brand impression. The Forest Room is enclosed with a wall-to-wall waterfall that greeted visitors with a glorious multicolored water display. The Roche logo, event and brand messaging were continuously projected within it.

We also created and produced a specialized product display: The Reagents Wall, which supplemented the cobas® machines. The actual reagents were built into one massive wall connected by a specially designed interactive Roche product map that enhanced the viewing experience and explained the product lines.

Creating the Experience

T Trade Show Experiential Stand

The full Experience


OH37 used the full spectrum of its multi-disciplinary services during the production of this project. From the initial briefing until the last stone was removed from the site, OH37 was the lead agency on this project.

The result was a memorable experiential stand that was the gem in the MEDLAB section of Arab Health Exhibition 2016. The stand was featured in live TV interviews, visited by the UAE Minister of Health, and regarded as the most well designed stand at the Medical Diagnostics Expo. It received further accolades for being the only experiential stand at the expo.

Animation and Content

The spectacular installation suspended over the crowd and Lab Section was cladded with hi-resolution LED screens. Such a remarkable display required equally remarkable animation, and so we created pixel-mapped content that took into consideration the different layers of the hanging structure. An animated journey into bio-technology was displayed on the screens, telling the story of a blood cell traveling through the machines and getting analyzed. This highlighted the data-flow and connectivity between the various cobas® machines. Key messaging and looping brand graphics complemented the main animated journey that was visible from anywhere, strategically ignoring all on-ground obstacles

Event Management and Production

The RDME Arab Health 2016 stand featured four core sections, the main Lab Section, the Reagent Wall, the reception/VIP lounge, and the experiential zone – the Forest Room. OH37 worked alongside our partners at Roche Diagnostics to bring to life each section, with its own specific requirements and communication needs. Each zone was supported by its own digital experience, adding to the visitor’s experience and engaging guests for as long as 30 minutes.

Technical Support and Logistics

Hanging a ten ton structure above thousands of visitors and medical equipment needed experts. So we brought in our on-site consulting structural engineers, who adhered to the strictest health and safety regulations, ensured that the build frames and hanging structures were compliant with venue standards, and further doubled the strength and load-bearing requirement. The design of the lighting and sound rigs was elegantly and seamlessly integrated into the stand. OH37 programed and controlled all digital content displayed throughout the stand, with special attention to the lighting design that was adjusted based on the crowds, and used to highlight key product reveals.

For a little extra guerrilla marketing, we rigged strategically placed gobos and projected the client’s logo on the walls and ceilings of the expo space. This greatly increased visitor footfall to our stand.

The Reagents Wall: A product display with interactive terminals

Designed as part of the stand’s overall concept, The Reagents Wall was a product display with three touch-enabled terminals built for an in-depth look at the products. The user-friendly, well designed interactive display was produced to showcase and explain Roche Diagnostic’s portfolio of reagents, and the science behind them.

The Forest Room: Interactive Experiential Zone

The Forest Room was the crown jewel of the experiential stand. Tucked away behind the waterfall, guests journeyed through a fully immersive experience, encompassing all five senses. Visitors were provided with wireless noise canceling headsets, and a bespoke narrative guided them through the living forest. On their journey, visitors would stop at four interactive stations, designed to blend with the natural setting. Each custom-built station delivered relevant content that was designed and developed by OH37, and represented Roche’s key brand pillars. As visitors interacted with the stations, the stations reacted to their behaviors, exposing them to the brand on a personal level.

The Waterfall and VIP Lounge: A tranquil Walk and a cup of coffee

The VIP lounge of the stand was designed as a modern and streamlined area where an espresso greeted the guests. We built a waterfall that created a sense of purity, calmness and tranquility. Not letting an opportunity pass, the waterfall doubled as a giant 12 meter ‘water screen’ that dynamically displayed brand and welcome messages, with changing colors and design elements. Although the waterfall was a discreet feature, it was well received by the guests as it augmented their whole experience.

Plan, Build and Dismantle

Transforming the Venue

Throughout this project, careful resource management ensured the work was implemented perfectly. Time management was crucial as the end product required a fully-functional lab to be built, and placed in the stand. And all done in under 5 days.