A Year in Motion

Our Reel

Collection ’16, a year in motion.


Project Management, Event Management and Production, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Stage Design, 2D and 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Video and Post-Production.

Project Types

Creative Event Theming, Event Design, Stage Design and Production, Event Invitation and Registration Process, Corporate Event, 2D and 3D Infographic Animation, Corporate Films, Compositing and Animation, Online Content, Exhibition Stand and Booth Design, Logo Animation, Experiential Brand Installations, Retail Product Visuals

Our second reel is the definition of unexpected experiential creativity. Pushing past the conventional, we harnessed our creative thinking in new ways and explored daring new avenues; hanging 10 tons of crisscrossing LED screens from a ceiling, to reinforce a brand message, and turning a corporate customer support video into a futuristic world, to reflect our client’s aspirations. We are proud to have tackled challenges in new ways; amazing our clients and audiences, with interactive, multi-sensory experiences.

Collection ’16 captures a year in our journey that massively increased our knowledge and expertise. We were able to experiment and master new techniques and styles by exploring different mediums, and adding new services for our clients.

3D Modeling and Animation

“exploration and imagination”

Armani / Prive Animation

Private commission: a 3D animation for the reveal event for their fragrance launch.

The animation reveals an Armani fragrance bottle that appears to be trapped in amber. The animation was designed to be mapped on a set piece and used to reveal the fragrance during the event. Modeling, texturing and the animation effects that were created to mimic a rapid liquefaction and solidification of the amber allowing the bottle to slip out of the age old home that it was trapped in. The motion and animated effects were created with soft-bodies, deformers and dynamics, the key visual was transformed into a dynamic showpiece that was used at the moment of the product reveal.

The animation was designed to be mapped on an amber stone shaped set piece to gradually reveal the reveal of the bottle design, and fragrance, during the event. Modeling, texturing and animation where created with soft-bodies, deformers and dynamics, resulting in a show-stopping product reveal.

Content Creation

“Building Worlds to Explore”

Roche Arab Health Animation Content

2D and 3D animations on hanging screens: an experiential stand from top to bottom.

Animated content is an integral element in our events, and central to the whole experience. In today’s events, digital content is either the primary passive form of visual communication or the key supporting feature. Our work continually aims to make complex concepts approachable and bring them life.

The animations beautifully clarify the inner workings of our client’s IT systems by visualising the digital processes that happen between the virtual cloud and real-world hardware. To highlight the concept of interconnectivity between the machines, and how the entire lab / hospital system can be controlled by one IT system, we visualized the IT system by creating a custom build display screen that was suspended over the laboratory with animations pixel mapped on the screens.

For more details on this project check out the case study here.

Roche Diagnostics Beating Heart

A 3D animation that transforms into a realistic beating heart.

One of the RDME product lines are a series of cardiac tests that can detect and assist Doctors choosing correct diagnosis of cardiac patients. The global poster campaign depicts an impactful image of the heart with a timer. The serious nature of the subject matter made it imperative to capture the realism of the heart. Attention was focused on the modeling and animation to create a beautiful and smooth transition between the global campaign visuals and a human heart.

Film and Compositing

“Turning Graphics into a Moving Wonder”

Roche Customer Support 

A short film visualizing customer support and Roche services.

Roche customer support needed to show its customers the breadth of Roche’s services. We crafted a story that showcased the various methods of reaching Roche customer support, their services and all relevant information. The brand’s image of superior technological innovation was translated visually by compositing futuristic motion graphics on top of video content.

Development and Advancement

“Stories, Fairytales and Legends”

Eagle Eye & Penguin 3D Neon Branding

At OH37 we follow a rigorous creative process where we are always seeking new forms of expression aimed at creating immersive digital experiences. Experimentation and ideation are fundamental pillars of this process. We take pride in working with teams of people with a never-ending thirst for knowledge.

These key visuals were created as a part of an ongoing creative development program. Along with our day-to-day work, we like to experiment with new styles, try out new techniques and challenge ourselves.

Activations and Product Testing

“Tea Party!”

Product display Stand for a Tea brand

Promotional stand concept design for a tea brand targeting Arab women.

The concept for this promotional stand was to create something that would resonate with the target consumers. Aiming to trigger women’s childhood memories and fantasies, we created a larger-than-life, surreal tea-party installation. We wanted to glorify those memories and evoke emotional responses from these women by bringing those private childhood memories to life for them to re-explore and re-experience.

Stand Design and Technology Experiences

“Ideas for Experiential Brands”

Expo stand design with integrated technological experiences.

Technology Hut is a brand that stands for the happy symbiosis that can be achieved between nature and technology. The stand we designed creates and plays on a contrast between the exterior and interior, which translates into the concept of merging the purity of nature and the comfort of today’s technology.

OH37 created an interactive experience based on the brand requirements, integrating technology and beautiful art direction to create this fantasy setting.

Motion Graphics for Events

“Living in an Animated World”

2D and 3D Motion graphic sequences for events

In our efforts to learn, improve and lead, we like to take time between jobs to master new skills and techniques.

These are a collection of digital content created with customized graphics to suit our various clients and add value to event concepts. Our animated content can transform a venue, drive a message and add flavor. OH37’s diverse heritage allows us to bring together our experience and our advanced technical understanding of motion graphics, to create artistically and atheistically beautiful work that resonates with clients and consumers in memorable and effective ways.

Interactive Holograms and mini-apps

“is this…magic?”

Interactive content and mobile applications

Modeling, animation and development of interactive experiences across several mediums.

At OH37 we embrace technology, and our developers are constantly looking for new and exciting challenges. From interactive holograms, reactive displays, user generated content platforms, to guest engagement using technology, we internally ideate, develop, and produce the content and with our strategic partnerships with hardware providers the only limit is the imagination!

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