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OH37 Collection 2015


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Event Production Management, Stage Design, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Video Production

Project Types

Corporate Event, Infographic Animation 2D & 3D, Corporate Films, Compositing and Animation, Online Content, Exhibition Stand, Event Design, Stage Design, Logo Animation


We began our journey in Dubai, UAE, navigating a highly competitive market with new exciting challenges every day. From telecom to medical, government to private businesses, our clients came from different sectors. We challenged ourselves across the creative spectrum from concept to production, in order to create immersive experiences that answered all our clients objectives and needs.

The results speak for themselves. This reel is a snippet of some of our creative solutions, events and animated work.


Intricacy and attention to detail is a driving force in our production process, and the creative discipline guides the integrity of our work. Each piece showcases our teams’ abilities to challenge traditional communication and uses an artistic approach to create unconventional solutions. From animations to experiential events, we bring simple concepts to life across a multitude of platforms and design styles.

2D Animation & Content Creation

“bringing data to life”

Roche Corporate Animation VUCA-G

An internal infographic animation created and produced for Roche Diagnostics Middle East Regional HQ

Our client commissioned us to find a solution to help explain the complexities of the Middle Eastern market to visiting foreign businesspeople. We created a 2D infographic animation with a well crafted narrative that visually illustrates these complexities. The animation continues to be pertinent, evolving with the times and reflecting the changing dynamics of the region.

Event Management

“Planning, Organizing and Implementing” span>

Etisalat Business Units Event

The annual Etisalat CBO kickoff corporate event, complete event management – from concept to lights out.

We were commissioned by Etisalat to design, produce and manage their Annual CBO Event. OH37 created the event concept and key visuals. Including managing the entire event, we were also responsible for the event design and audio-visual planning, production and management. We also designed and launched a QR registration system. Furthermore, we conceptualized and created the event theme, including the site branding, decor and management of the event hostesses. Over and above all that, we created all the animated content, event videos, edits and visual effects.

Check out the case study here.

Event Screen Animations and Motion Graphics

22 minutes of unique animation and motion graphics that illustrate our capacity to produce content that is visually stunning and captures the events purpose and objective.

Motion Graphics

“Life in a World of Motion”

RDME Academy Website Animation

An on-boarding animation for an online portal that enhances user experience and celebrates the brand image.

Storytelling can be the best teacher when it comes to educating online users of a multi-function website. Our client requested a short animation to assist user registration, aiming to aid users to fully utilize the potential of this online educational platform. The story consists of both 3D introductions and 2D animations that are intended to educate and motivate the users. This new content adds value to their experience and guides them to the areas of the portal that are pertinent to them. OH37 created and executed all content, from the script and animation to the VO recordings.

Stand Design

“Sculpting Experiences”

Johnson and Johnson – Ethicon (Mars Mooc) Stand

Transforming a product display into a brand experience.

We transformed a simple product display stand into an intriguing brand experience. The design and function of the stand aimed at attracting attention at a conference overcrowded with numerous other medical and pharmaceutical brands. As part of its function, the stand needed a space for customers to converse with the sales representatives, so an open space concept was adopted. A simple messaging system that uses displays and information terminals was strategically placed to always be within reach of the customers. The stand changed the conventional behaviors found at medical conferences by captivating guests which further increased the brand’s recognition and engagement.

Experiential Set Design

“Transforming a Venue Into an experiential zone”

The Technology Room

Bringing modernity and the disruptive force of technology to ring a space to life and transform it into an immersive experience.

We took a couple of standard meeting rooms and transformed them into one technology Room, where the physical experience is amplified by seamless interactive displays, touch terminals and a futuristic design. Guests followed an agenda of rapid educational meetings, that moved them through the experience chain. Bringing the concept of the “Classroom of the future” to life.

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