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Project Types

Interactive Event Experiences, Conference Event Design, Awards Stage Design and Production, Corporate Event, 2D and 3D Infographic Animation, Online Social Media Content, Exhibition Stand and Booth Design, Logo Animation, Experiential Brand Installations, Retail Product Visuals, Promotional Video, Educational VR Experience, 360 animated videos, Campaign Key Visual Concept and Design, Experimental


A year of change, transformation, and growth. OH37 launches its new look! Its been an exciting journey so far, and we enter a new season, with a new image and a more focused offering. Our new reel showcases snippets of some of our latest experiential creative work, each selection curated to showcase highlights of our different areas of specialization.

Bringing to life concepts, ideas and solutions for our clients, the OH37 team has successfully implemented and delivered creative work for clients in the Medical, FMCG, Fashion, Automotive, F&B, Luxury, Telecom, Entertainment, Gaming, Sport and Media Industries. We’ve successfully shipped projects using our multidisciplinary approach, empowering our clients with experiential events, VR experiences, animated communication, technological attractions, and ceremonial celebrations.  A brief description of some of the reels showcased pieces are detailed below, and for an in-depth look at some of the larger projects, we’ve shared some case studies here.

Creative Services

“ concepts made reality ”

Key Visual & Campaigns:

Sigma Paints: World Cup 2018 Campaign Key Visual & Animation

The World Cup 2018 summer social media campaign KV, for Sigma Paints, is an animated matte painting. The world cup is here and Sigma Paints calling on its customers to live the excitement of the WC, show their support for a chance to win a trip to watch the games.

Human KV

We are all technologically connected, this 3D KV describes the dependence of humanity on connectivity. Its increased integration into the human body, and how we could be on our way to merging with the machine.

Kudu: Ice Cream Machine

A fun summer campaign for Kudu, the fast food chain in KSA. This social media animated looping KV, created to be fun, entertaining, with a simple call to action. This visual aimed at refreshing the brand’s online communication, providing observers with a beautifully crafted visual reminder that stands out in the summer heat. The KV is designed to promote the different flavors, each week the Ice Cream Machine would assemble a new taste with a refreshing and simple call to action.

Brand Visuals:

Designer Colorful Studio Tools

Brand visuals and branding for melo.es. This animated brand video was created to highlight what the designer brings to a project, vibrancy and dynamism. This work is part of a brand image for the motion designer Melo Infante.

3D Ballon Typography

This 3D typography was created part of an internal training focusing on 3D technical and Art skills. At OH37 we value the importance of development and the growth of our abilities, enabling us provide consistently fresh and innovative work.

Neon Sign

Brand visuals created to used for brand and marketing materials. This 3D modeled visual of a Neon sign was created to re-enforce the image of the up and coming independent brand.

Concept Art:

Matte Painting: Castle of Dreams

Concept art, fantasy worlds, imagery for books, and animated universes. Matte Paintings captivate and immerse, visualizing concepts and environments.

Cat woman

Character creation, 3D Modeling in Zbrush. Concept character creation for a 3D animated series.

Product Visualization:

Roche Labs Poster Museum

A museum of laboratory versatility. A 41 poster lab experience, for more details on this project check out the case study here.

OH37 Product Display

A project dedicated to an old friend, may the Wow never end.

Animation and Motion

“ imagination and communication ”

Animated Event Content:

JnJ: SSA Event Kick off Animation

2D isometric animation for an event produced in Dubai, for JnJ South Africa.

Way finding signage for an event

2D animations for a festival in Madrid, Spain. The digital signage displayed the health and safety videos used to direct traffic, highlighting the exits, provide safety information, and was used as way finding signage to manage the crowds.

Armani Dubai Reveal

3D Mapping sequence for the perfumes reveal at an event in Dubai, UAE.

Etisalat CBO Event Animations

Event background animation, event screen content, and animated theme. For more details on this project check out the case study here.

TV Branding & Motion Graphics:

Intereconomia: The News Motion Graphics Package

This project was created for the national TV station of Spain. The project was for the creation of the news segment brand and motion graphics package. The project included the creation of the opening titles, the intros to the specialty segments such as weather, sports, debates, etc. The concept is built around capturing the different stories that rise out of the city, and how the station delivers the latest headlines, hottest happenings and most authenticated data on time from around the world.

Identity Bumpers

These 3D animated bumpers, built around the concept of playing with the brand name “melo” and puns that can be derived from the name. Created as fun, TV bumpers, sprinkled with a bit of crazy.

Exhibition and Stand Design:

RDME: Arab Health

Experiential exhibition stand created for the Arab Health – Medlab conference in Dubai, UAE, for more details on this project check out the case study here.

JnJ: The Ethicon Breathing Stand

An experiential promotional stand at a medical conference in Dubai, UAE.
For more details on this project check out the case study here.

Corporate Events & Conferences:


A regional kickoff motivational event, produced in Dubai, UAE. for JnJ South Africa.

Etisalat: CBO Event

A corporate event, with motivational speakers, team building, dynamic content to highlight objectives and yearly targets and an event theme that calls employees to action, for more details on this project check out the case study here.

Al Ahli Football Celebration

A sporting event to celebrating Al Ahli’s championship win. We planned, produced and managed all technical and production elements of the championship ceremony. The work included the show music production, the visual effects and pyrotechnics performances, a spectacular light show and laser show.

Experiential Design

“ Immersive multi-sensory experiences ”

Digital Experiences

Roche: icare VR Experience

A virtual reality medical brand experience, created for an event introducing doctors and specialists to new medical products, and their benefits, for more details on this project check out the case study here.

Devil Wheels Game Graphics

We created the visual direction, models, and graphics package for a unity developed video game.

Physical Experiences

Etisalat: Gitex Coco

Etisalat requested that we create a technological display at the Gitex Etisalat pavilion, with the objective to drive traffic and attention towards the brand. We planned, scripted, and managed the robotic performance of “Coco” the robot. We flew in the Actroid DER 2 from japan, the first humanoid robot to make a debut in the middle east. As Gitex is the most prestigious tech event in the Middle East, we aimed at creating an experience that would resonate with the Expo guests. Knowing that they are looking for new technology, and that our target is highly specialized, we scripted a personality for the robotic actor, that would make interacting visitors wonder if the robot was in fact sentient. The results were astounding, the story became a media sensation, going viral, even prompting people to come to the Expo just to meet the robot.

Roche: Euromedlab

OH37 conceptualized, planned and designed the Euromedlab experiential stand that tool place in Athens, Greece. The experiential stand was equipped with interactive touch terminals and displays, a virtual reality zone and dynamic product displays. .

Artistic Experiences:

Martina and the Lobster

An actress, brand ambassador, and digital model. This OH37 digital actress has already made her first debut in the East Asian markets. For more information on licensing Martina, guest appearances or for one-off commissions, contact us here.

Connected Human Sculpture

A sculpture that embraces the technologically connected human. This sculpture describes the dependence of humanity on connectivity. Its increased integration into the human body, and how we could be on our way to merging with the machine.

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