36 Days of Type ‘18

What We Did

Creative concepts, Sketching, illustration, creative direction, art direction, Pre-production, 3D modeling, 3D rigging, 3D Sculpting, 3D Animation, Compositing, 2D Animation, Dynamics animation, Texturing, Lighting, rendering and Post Production


36 Days of Type began as a personal project that went global. It invites creatives from all over the world to challenge themselves to create something new everyday, by expressing themselves through type. 36 Days of Type runs a friendly annual challenge to design and publish them online daily.

In 2018, OH37 took this opportunity to take a deep dive into our creativity. Could we come up with a full set of characters, each one utilizing a different creative skill set?

We set out conceptualizing a different creative idea for each letter, capturing a different emotion, story or message. A different design and artistic treatment was used to express what each piece was communicating. To challenge ourselves further, we aimed to create a full set of visuals that would be relevant to different industries to showcase the breadth of our skills.

A to Z

“ An Epic Journey of Discovery ”

A is for Astronaut.

We’ve come on our asteroid to explore the 36 days of type planet and all the beautiful things it has to offer! We are here on a journey of discovery, to catalogue what we find and share it with humanity.

B as in Biology

Bubbling biology, it’s full of bacteria! The beauty of life is found in every living creature. Look close and you can see a world full of mystery.

C for The Colors in a Color Wheel

Life is a board game, full of color and choices, why not spin a trivia wheel and see what luck brings you!

D is for My Dear, Deer.

A letter to the deers of Nara, how I miss you in these moments of solitude, your spirit and vigor drive me forward, towards the moment that we meet again.

E for an Electrifying Energy Drink

It’s 3 am and the meeting’s at 7, time for a burst of electric energy!

F for that fruity flavored splash!

Fantastic fruity and fun! A refreshing splash, captures the moment when your skin touches the surface of the icy water, feeling nice and cool. Let the fresh takeover every day!

G for Gorgeous Gourmet Gastronomy!

Tributing chef Julien Dugourd, all desserts are gorgeous, especially this strawberry white chocolate culinary journey of mint and cream.

H is for History.

The history of art and humanity in a museum. Museums capture extraordinary moments in time, where the artists work, created a millennia ago, resonates and speaks to the observer, an artist and a child. A message carried through time, held secure, and delivered to the young artist, a seed of inspiration that will form and grow within, until another piece of art is created, taking its place in history.

I is for Ikebana.

The Ikebana or the Living flower, the Japanese art of living flower arrangements, an art from that dates back to the 7th century.

J for Jewelry made for Jealous Joints

Jealous to the bones? Great! We have the perfect piece of jewelry just for you! Made from the bones of exs and clad with the melted gold of failed promises.. Yes every piece is unique, crafted to your exact emotional needs, each piece can be opened and can hold up to one fit of jealousy. Order yours today!

K for Kahlo

A tribute to Frida Kahlo, made of bone, a hand painted skull and it’s time to celebrate day of the dead!

L… lost looking for that location.

It’s one of those days … The frustration of being lost because of a GPS that decided it knows a better way… in all its colors!

M for magical mascaraing mannequins.

The mannequin window display, one a magician the other a steampunk inventor eternally stuck in a dance, a delicate ballet, depicting their captivation with the material world.

N is for a post nuclear nature.

The apocalypse has came and gone, the worst that could happen, happened. In the nuclear end there was one victor. Nature.

O… oh!

Explosive emotions, a million things on the mind, and that shattering moment when creative frustration cannot be contained. O…oh! A creative eruption, and a truth is found… The Oh! moment….

P is for Poisonous Perfume

Poison by OH37, carries a delicate and passionate scent, created using flower nectars found in the mountains of Peru, blended with a natural aroma extracted from burning incense.

Q for that never ending queue.

Standing in that eternal queue? We feel it too… as our societies grow, and our numbers increase, that queue is just getting longer and longer.

R the AR Robot

Inside this display capsule, we present ‘Rrr’ the AR robot… This robot can levitate, rotate, and imitate! All in AR! ‘‘Rrr’ is compatible with the ‘magic leap’. It will use its primitive AI to offer words of wisdom. You can take control of ‘Rrr’ with your mind and move it anywhere you want! ‘Rrr’ is available by special order only.

S is for Sun, Sports, and Summer!

The season of sun, summer sends us out into the world to experience its beauty and dynamism. Choose a sport and head outside to sweat, happiness is about being healthy!

T a totem for training technology

A totem of balance and finesse, between beauty, form, and function. Training technology will transform our lives, better health leads to a happier life!

U for a couple of pesky UFO’s

OMG! I think we lost the dog! A couple of UFO’s, a retractor beam, a french bulldog, and a double abduction… who’s going to win?

V for a Victorian tea party

Venessa, a duchess of Vienna, a vagabond and a world traveler. She lives out of her caravan, and this is her tea table… ‘Please, come in, have a seat and enjoy a spot of tea!’ Words that she’s famous for, and what a treat it is! You will hear a spectacular tale, of a Woman that flew across the African Savannah, an avid collector of varieties flowering vines, and extraordinary victorian porcelain. Venessa travels the world looking for the best handmade artifacts and if you’re lucky, she will put on her top hat and read fortune from your tea leaves!

W is for wanderlust

“Wanderlust” the strong, innate desire to rove or travel about – something of an affliction at OH37. Every year we at OH37 grab our compasses and follow the wind, satisfying that urge to wander. What have you seen lately? What will your next adventure hold? What will you do with what inspires you? Let us know on instagram @travel_lover_official

X for Xenon

OH37 X – File No. 3737
Log 137: The “x” depicted in this image was detected flying 1,2 lightyears away, the Xenon light was radiating an aura around the alien creature within. It looked like a Jellyfish locked in a liquid chamber, and the solution appeared to be moving in a current like motion, allowing the jellyfish to orient its self in one controlled direction. As per protocol we sent in the X-plorer to investigate. Upon approach the creature’s pod began to react the X-plorer managed to capture a close up – enclosed image 2. We stopped approach, as a massive frequency surge was detected, it began broadcasting on all known communication frequencies, the Xenon came to life and began pulsing. Exactly 37.777 seconds after it started, it vanished. End of Log.

Y is for Yummy!

This Berry Milhojas is a handcrafted masterpiece. Assembled on a mouthwatering triple sea salt infused wafer that is cooked to crispy perfection, with sugar cream meringues curled into delicate spirals. A soft foamy bed of lite cream covers the towering ensemble and to enrich the flavor with an explosive taste, a strawberry imbued jelly, lavishly coats the cream. #Yummy!

Z from Zygotes to Zombie!

Now available by special order! Get your own Zombie making lab kit*! Each kit comes with Zombie Zygots! 

*Please note that OH37 is not responsible for any Zombie outbreaks, every kid is responsible for their creations, their disposal, and any public or private damage.


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