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We offer multi-disciplinary experiential creative solutions that respond to the marketing communication, image requirements and creative needs of our clients. At OH37 we offer a more customized and tailored solution that allows our clients to move beyond traditional forms of communication.

At OH37 we have 5 areas of creative specialization driven by passion, bolstered by years of market experience and successful project delivery.

Creative Services

At OH37 we bring a specialized and streamlined offering to the table that empowers the development of effective communication platforms. Our creative solutions and concepts are enhanced, as our multidisciplinary technical expertise enable us to create artistic expressions that push the boundaries of what is conventionally possible.

Creative Expertise:
  • Visual communication solutions
  • Creative strategy and consultancy
  • Concept creation for 360 campaigns
  • Key visuals, campaign art and stylistic direction
  • Script writing, storytelling and experiential journeys

Experiential Events

OH37 envisions, designs, plans, produces, and manages events and live experiences. We embrace brand communication and combine it with our creative aesthetic to develop effective event themes and concepts that translate into experiential sets and spaces. This unique combination coupled with our technical acumen empowers us to create immersive events with the latest technological advancements – on brand and on message.

Event Specialization:
  • Conceptualization, theming, and planning
  • Setup and Stage Design
  • Event Management & Production * in select markets
  • Interactive experiences and Installations
Types of Events:
  • Ceremonies (opening and closing)
  • Corporate and launch events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Guerrilla marketing

Motion Services

We offer a full spectrum of animated solutions and a diversity of stylistic approaches that add value to your brands image communication requirements. We script, plan, direct, and produce animated content and interactive stories. Our experience in creating animated content extends beyond the traditional 360 animations; stereoscopic VR content and motion graphics, for moving screens, are just a couple of examples.

Animation Proficiency:
  • 2D and 3D motion graphics
  • AR and VR content
  • Holograms
  • Video content, including:
  • Short films
  • Commercials
  • Animated stories and books

Creative Retail

For retail markets, OH37 focuses on delivering experiential retail solutions using a consumer centric approach. We plan, design, and produce retail marcom materials that embrace the brand and product essence. By using our multidisciplinary expertise that combines technology and a unique stylistic flavor, we empower consumers to interact with your brand and products. We can enable brands to communicate effectively and by triggering multiple senses, we facilitate the consumer journey through to product purchase.

Retail Competence:
  • Customer experience journeys
  • Experiential stand / booth design and planning
  • Shop window display
  • Retail graphics
  • Interactive

Artistic Services

Our most exclusive offering, OH37 artistic pieces are forged to fill spaces, expressing the messages that they are delivering creatively and effectively. We envision and plan the creation of permanent artistic Installations for cities, municipalities, or private investment groups. Such Installations include theatrical attractions, tourism installations, and permanent shows for spaces; all used to attract tourism, enhance the metropolitan image, increase public entertainment spaces, and vitalize local economies.

Artistic Creations:
  • Artistic installations
  • Permanent shows
  • Interactive installations

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 In the simplest way.. we come up with creative ways to solve marketing communication problems, we create immersive experiences, and we have a passion for making beautiful things move. At OH37 we have 4 areas of creative specialization, driven by passion and bolstered with years of market experience.

OH37 is a multi-disciplinary creative boutique agency that is focused on experiential creative solutions.

OH37 is a multi-disciplinary creative boutique agency that is focused on experiential creative solutions. We believe that every creative work needs to have its own story that transports the viewer on a magical journey. We love deep immersion and pride ourselves on outstanding execution and impeccable production.

We have experience in 23 markets across Europe, the Middle East, and America, designing and producing communications in multiple languages and industries. We began our adventure in Dubai, UAE in 2014, operating under the name of Eagle Eye and Penguin. By 2017 our Madrid studio was in full operation. In 2018 we restructured and rebranded Eagle Eye and Penguin into a new company with a new mindset, OH37.

OH37 was founded by the creatives Hadi Hawili and Ofelia (Melo) Infante, and together we form the creative foundation that motivates OH37’s original thinking and innovative approach. We bring experience from across the creative industry, a fusion of event, motion graphics, design, advertising, television, media, interactive, and web. This blend of industry know-how envisions a new creative methodology that grants us the ability to provide experiences that cross the threshold between the digital and physical world.

We have continued to grow and offer more specialized creative solutions, enabling our clients to integrate the latest innovations into their brand communication. Using our technical mastery and our deep understanding of brand communication, we captivate the human senses and weave themes into experiences.

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